13-2: The Odyssey

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry drones medium-hardish rockets series unrated
Created 2013-09-07
Last Modified 2013-09-07
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Description Might be a bit too hard for some, but I like the gameplay the way it is. Not sure about the tiles though.

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i liked this

i must admit, i was stcuk at first as to how to get back to the door. but i watched you demo and saw what to do. those rockets put up some chase. i really like those tiles too.
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nice map :)
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Oh Gameplay

I like the way you are too
sweepin through the air, dodgin drones and hightailing rockets...
great map btw~


Can be improved by a lot.
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I know that the map doesn't fit in this spot of the episode, but I didn't want to wait. ;)
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