Phantom Corridors (Big Version)

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Author Nexx
Tags author:nexx concept image-map puzzle unrated
Created 2013-09-10
Last Modified 2013-09-10
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Description Here is a bigger exhibition of the Phantom Corridors concept. (link []) It's harder, but it gives you more room to play around. There are many completion paths, but there are far fewer AGD paths.

I made this at the same time as the original with the intention of releasing this much later, but I'm releasing it now instead.

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Got this a while back and forgot to post.
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Demo Data


just realised from your N wikia page you were nominated for the 2005 puzzle of the year! []

I think..

it's safe to say you're going to at least get a nomination for puzzle of the year for the 2013 Dronies..


This one is harder, obv.
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That route below appears to be the fastest. Props if you can find something faster!
Just to prove it's possible.
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