36-3: Witching hour

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue episode unrated
Created 2013-09-11
Last Modified 2013-09-11
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Description So, guys, tomorrow I depart to UK to study. Wish me luck.
As a way thanking, enjoy this generic map.

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good luck, and overall have fun, bud!

whew guys

I made it. Thanks for your words, people, really means alot :)
And don't you worry, I'll be lurking here, as soon as I get into new life


Demo Data

good luck!!!

on your trip to UK to study robotics!

It's really interesting, and I am sure that you will live amazing experiences in that new city for you. Much encouragement and really good luck friend. I will remember you.


good luck

are you still gonna come online?

good luck

i love you

good luck!

see you around here again soon.

good luck!

still hang around