Ivana Seymour Mary Jane

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Author ska
Tags action author:ska easy hyrbrid metanet race rated
Created 2013-09-12
Last Modified 2013-09-12
by 6 people.
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Description This map is designed to be pretty easy. It's kind of a race/action hybrid with slick flow. Could be a fun challenge for highscorers too.

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I came here from this thread []. Let's bring the thread back to life!

I liked this map a lot. It's simplicity is what makes it so enjoyable. It was very fun to jump around through here, and it sort of had a springy feel to it. There is nothing new in it but it does an excellent job sticking to the tried and true ways of metanet style mapping. Great job! 4/5
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well played?


holy shit what a masterpiece! the rockets and floorguards were stellar! i missed your mapping, kool.

oh God ska.. that thread was like years ago lol, i forgot the password for the forum too :^D

just for the sake of it gave this map a go: feels very metanet/classic, probably too hard on some spots, but nothing really impossible. Since i like clean maps like this, giving the hi Five!

thanks lads

good demos, guys! :)


Fun map :D
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62 lesser frames

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30-40 more frames could be shaved off, i think
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slow and steady agd

(playing like a beginner would, so no triple jumps or crazy moves here)
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