death with thwumps

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Author OsDAR
Tags author:osdar test unrated
Created 2005-12-27
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
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Description wait till you hit the block and then hold down left,

the thwump some how pushes you into the ground realy fast?

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I think I..

Got it... look at my demo.. It's a hold left.
Demo Data


dude your pretty good at coordinating as he hits in just the right spot to be launched fast down 5/5

It's not a glitch!

Thwumps have a few pixels in their corner which don't damage, but pushes at quite a strength.

You simply hit it at juuuust the right spot. :)
because you didn't reset the level... all that happens is that he runs into the thwump and dies. WOW! AN AMAZING GLITCH!


It doesn't work... at all.


here is a Demo
Demo Data