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Author panstromek
Tags action author:panstromek fun hard puzzle unrated
Created 2013-09-24
Last Modified 2013-09-24
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Description New map. Shows how tumor slowly destroys system in organism. In lower left corner you can see right system, around full level some metastasis, deformations. I hope the idea is obvious. I propably messed up it too much.


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how ares you apakenua friend raigan y mare?


Yes, I deleted lot of gold, too. :) I wanted to make some system (in lower left corner) and through map make similar but deformated. In every cell is thwump, 2 bounceblocks, 4 groups of gold (per three). The closer you get to tumor, cells gets more deformated, objects more messed up. Some objects are missing in almost destroyed cells. If I edited it too much, it would lost this sense.
it's a bit heavy on mines, too.

Less of what? I deleted bunch of elements before publishing. It is much easier than first version. Is it laggy or what?


less is more.

Cool idea, i like the tileset.