(Not Quite) Mars/Neptune

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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 not-quite nreality playable playermod unrated
Created 2013-10-01
Last Modified 2013-10-01
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Description An agent of Neptune is sent on an espionage mission to Mars. He finds the security to be... enthusiastic, but not 100% competent.

Like the other maps in my "Not Quite" series, this is based on someone else's map (Mars/Neptune [], by fingersonthefrets). I have done nothing except add NReality mods, so if you play this in N rather than NReality, it will be exactly the same as the original.

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I wasn't expecting you to be able to stay on the ground for more than a frame, so I didn't test for the running up slopes thing. But I like it, so I'm leaving it as-is.


really cooly map!!
5 for sure
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Demo Data


liked the orange and black. Another coincidence haha, cos I'm seeming to like orange in black lots lately so for you to use it. yeah. Can't really speak too well, bit out of it today but yep. haha


that'll do. cool mod! Kinda funny actually, the only Nreality map I've ever made used A kind of similar mod I think. Or at least a similar floaty kind of thing. I forget.

..I stole the code of Nphasis anyway haha
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