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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset fn unrated
Created 2013-10-02
Last Modified 2013-10-02
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Description or, horrorpunk and its cautious backstory filled with horror and punk rock

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"Gameplay: The right idea, but unfinished in true Sunset style. 2.5/7"


very clever map.

i like it a lot
you just need to mind your head in some spaces (quite literally) and just pay attention to things


how the hell does the ninja go inside the walls?? Total mindfucker... :O


what is the code for hidden tiles that drones can go through? preferably that look like E tiles, or ones that you can load a full map before loading and they become E tiles? zzz I always forget this stuff haha. PS2 sorry for spamming your map haha
when there's more clues/a rule of thumb ish thing to follow. But it was still good fun. The way the drones covered the two levels on the way back was cool.
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nice example of that weird wall slide in mid air glitch
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Of the trial-and-error kind.
I don't like long trial-and-error maps like this one. Perhaps the drones would be better if they changed paths.

nice mappo

it's like that lord day map but it's a different map