Column Life

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Author blue_rocks
Tags action author:blue_rocks column greek rated rome yeahbuddy
Created 2013-10-08
Last Modified 2013-10-08
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description Dedicated to Leo [], Mohit [], and Zoas []. They are the guys I have the most fun with on here!

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Very late! I love the progression in this one, but IodineEnvy has a point though. Still, it's cool to see that you're improving your skills!
Demo Data

20 frames

:P []

you lose, i won...

no, actually we both won...
:D []

Not too shabby, just a tad repetitive and a little over bearing on the second 'circle'. 3

Thank you!

I really appreciate that at least someone had fun with me! Thanks bro!


Demo Data

really thanks bro!!

sub-400 speedrun
P.S. let us see if you can beat the run.. :P
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Alright buddy =) You are an important asset to this community for sure!
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I haven't seen you in a while, and you have really improved! Once I'm less busy I'll try to hang out more.


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Not a computer at school...