You got mad skulls!

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Author lfaber
Tags action author:lfaber fn mappack meta rated skulls
Created 2013-10-09
Last Modified 2013-10-09
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Twas gonna be a map in a mappack, but I kinda abandoned it. Thought it would be appropriate for the mood this month to sub it.
Meta did a good job on this one! (Tis a collab tween me and meta)

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Nice level

very nice tileset. a bit calm. maybe 2 more gausses would be just right. here's my AGD
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That was class-A bullshit
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Looks great plays better. This is a fantastic map.
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I like tileset a lot, but Could be improved in some details. Especially in lower left corner it is messy, messy.

Gameplay perfect (just gausses have little delay)
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10-15 more frames

could be shaven off
nice sub!
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