Luke Doorwalker

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Author Nexx
Tags author:nexx concept doors puzzle rated
Created 2013-10-13
Last Modified 2013-10-13
by 5 people.
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Description A small puzzle for you. It requires some logical thinking and some lateral thinking. It's cheatable, but probably not in the way you think it is. ;)

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I didn't look at any other demos. This is a rather fun puzzle! I was glad the solution wasn't the same for both sides.
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i was playing this for ages and still couldn't find the route so i used yours. awesome concept and execution. i think my only complaint was that trying to get down that tunnel in a hurry was a bit challenging due to the one-ways. but thats not that major. rest of the map was sweet.
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haha thanks! :)

I played that map heaps, so fun. I think I worked out about 2/3 of the path and improvised at the end haha.
but still this is pretty cool, you should've entered this for the recent NUMAcon


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That was fun.

found the same route before looking to your's..
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Below is the proper solution. The right side is a bit cheatable though.
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