When The Heart Stops

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Author IodineEnvy
Tags author:iodineenvy fn ie unrated
Created 2013-10-14
Last Modified 2013-10-14
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Description FrightNight

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After few attemts I realized it is better to go down first and it got a lot funnier :). Good stuff, I really enjoyed that rocket part.
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Pretty fun, didn't get a FrightNight feel about it at all though. Rocket was nice and tense, especially with some well (if frustratingly) placed mines.
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sloppy speedrun

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Well I assume that was intended as a compliment, and if so I greatly appreciate it.

You know,

I remember playing your first 5 maps. I'm still not sure I ever really believed that you weren't a multiaccounter, until you had like, 50+ maps. Crazy good stuff in here all the way down to the bottom.

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i'll get around to it on wednesday as i will be extremely busy mon/tues, apologies! high school is a cruel mistress