MULTI-MAP [N-reality]

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Author Ors_II
Tags author:ors_ii concept n-reality nreality ors rated
Created 2013-10-16
Last Modified 2014-10-15
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description When you get a key the level changes! Can you complete all the stages of this map?

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and this map is one of the map I nominated as 'Concept' map in Dronies'13...

hey man..

you should tag this map as 'concept'...High chances of winning a dronie... :)
I have luck if anyone reads this!
Symbiosis was pointed out already, but I just wanted to add that there was a sequel, too: link []

hey there

we have the same birthday
I'll try to modify it so that it resembles what you're trying to present.
almost 101!


i didnt like the second switch...
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:D []


But do you like Lego?


Just kidding about Lego breakfasts.

Um. Really.
I eat them every morning.

OMG Ors you like Lego's!?

Thanks everyine!

And thaks for link _destiny^-!
Thought I would just drop in and share this []


6/5 would play again

All my favs for you



Best map?

That means a LOT for me...
sub-1000 speedrun
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really dig the concept, though the jumps are a little rough. still, it's a nice little puzzle
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is wicked awesome

I love the concept, very nice! I also think you're showing that you can also do quite good tiles with this map.


It's really cool to have a rated map again. But sorry, I let someone other to make a larger map. I fought with this the whole night yesterday.
Tile drones are a good way to use a limited space economically.
nnds-Symbiosis []
A larger map would be more epic.

good stuff

I've had this idea for a while now for a race where most of the map is filled with e tiles and as you progress and hit switches, the tile drones will reveal the path. That way, the run wouldn't be limited due to overlapping paths or running out of space. It seems like a lot of work to do, though

That is crazy amazing stuff Ors!! I love it!! Has this ever been done before?




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