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Author jslimb
Tags .nreality author:jslimb bipedal concept mech nreality rated
Created 2013-10-19
Last Modified 2013-10-19
by 10 people.
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Description NREALITY(6g2) []
  • WALKING MECHS that can be performed without images!

  • I hope this seven-hour-work is enjoyable. I will be submitting more nreality maps, so keep an eye on me!

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    5ived it so it went from 4 to 5 :D

    I absolutely love your concepts


    I think that this would have been better without the floorguard aspect. Wonderful mod though. I still think the electrical circuit is the best though. You should bring that back.
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    The difficulty fluctuated a little too much, but you still get 4/5 for the mods.

    I also like how you painted over the half-tiles with glitched ones. I wish I'd thought of that.

    I enjoyed this up until I reached the drone above the keys. It felt unnecessary. Other than that it was very fun. 4


    I have actually made same with technic legos but not in N-Reality. I add you into my favorite mappers list.
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    AGD is also possible.
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