Ghost Town

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Author blue_rocks
Tags atmosphere author:blue_rocks bluehenry fn ghost mine unrated
Created 2013-10-23
Last Modified 2013-10-23
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Map Data

Description As he looked down the street the moon hung over him in wispy black clouds like some bad omen. Everything - the houses, the stores, and the refinery - it was all abandoned. Abandoned like an entire town had just slipped into another world. The wind picked up. The streets grew darker. The fear was tangible. This place wasn't just dangerous, it was haunted - haunted by the souls of those who died in the mine it sat on top of.

A collab I made with macrohenry [].

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Great run :)

p.s. it is not over... :P-

hold Ctrl and click on the run (the frame count button near the map)
hold Shift and click on the run (the frame count button near the map)

beat this... :P

:P []


did u really do it? :P
prove on NReality... :D
just kidding... :D
i give up this time.....

together we should write a novel

you got good.
especially after playing this!

The execution is phenomenal in my opinion, this is great to jump around in. Both of your styles blended together perfectly. I suggest collabing more.


And a speedrun

Demo Data


It was so much fun to collab with you and I love how this map plays and looks. ^_^
Demo Data