The Creepy Fist Of Goodness

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Author RedSpartan
Tags action author:redspartan flarp fn mmmmnomnombgarsh rated tileset
Created 2013-10-23
Last Modified 2013-10-23
by 5 people.
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Description FN. Beginning of paste for alternate version... []

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cool tiles

there's a bit too much going on with the gameplay though. 4/5
Wasn't too keen on the gameplay, though. Felt lackluster, imo.
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looks cool!
Very enjoyable map.
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Gosh dangit Leo, you're supposed to post this after mine and Macro's collab has the spotlight for awhile! Nah, just kidding man!

First try AGD for you! Hmm.. what can I say? Great map man! I like the tiles a lot! The game play is fairly simple and straightforward, and a bit easy.. but that isn't a bad thing! Good job man! 4/5
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