1-1 Piantissimo's Challenge IV

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Author blue_rocks
Tags author:blue_rocks challenge fun justforkix piantissimo speedrun unrated
Created 2013-10-27
Last Modified 2013-10-27
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description The Fourth installment in the GREAT SPEED RUN CHALLENGE of Piantissimo.

The best speed run posted on this map will have the next installment of the series dedicated to them! No Frame By Frame or Under-clocked Runs aloud this time.

This map is dedicated to: EddyMataGallos []

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is also hard

sorry bro :)

tried lot to beat macro, but my current set of skills does not allow better than that.
Still thanks for the concern.. ^_^

P.S. I can try an underclocked run, not for the competition, but just for some fun.. :D

Demo Data

Improved a bit

Demo Data


barely beat macrohenry
Demo Data

24 hours until this the competition ends for this episode
whenever my next is CTRDDA is out...
this! []

16 frames faster

Still improvable.
Demo Data
but later... have to study now. :(
Demo Data


Here you go, rozer.
Demo Data

first try

Demo Data

sub 600

is easily possible
Demo Data


Demo Data

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