Enough of Our Machines

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Author RedSpartan
Tags author:redspartan collab fn unrated zoas
Created 2013-10-28
Last Modified 2013-10-28
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Collab with zoasBE.

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I'm a spy;

I think NUMA's avatars are not working anymore for anyone, specially with new accounts. And I don't know why. I have not tried yet to change mine but I know that them doesn't work for new accounts since some months ago, always the same error appears when you try to change it.

Wrong Leo,

He responded to you in a map, here:

You know, I'm a really good spy... <3

matter? as in antimatter?


sub-600 is definitely possible..
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You guess what?

I don't see the Halloween atmosphere in here that the contest was calling for, but nevertheless it was still an amazing map! I liked the trap door concept with the big room and the gold, that was creative. I think you made the map too long though, and maybe one seeker drone too many was placed... Or maybe I'm just being a baby. All in all though, it was a great map. The mines and the drone were the only thing I didn't enjoy. It was frustrating to get all the gold in the big room and then die in the later room super quickly because of the awkward spacing between the slants, walls, and mines.

Just a casual Speedrun.
I liked break me thereby at the floor in the end.
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For you who are interesed.