1-2 Piantissimo's Challenge V

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Author blue_rocks
Tags author:blue_rocks challenge fun justforkix piantissimo speedrun unrated
Created 2013-10-29
Last Modified 2013-10-30
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Does anybody get the reference made in each title?

The best speed run posted on this map will have the next installment of the series dedicated to them! No Frame By Frame or Under-clocked Runs allowed this time.

This map is dedicated to: macrohenry []

Previous Map: Piantissimo's Challenge IV []

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Improved demo

Now its decent :P
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Damn Im 1.4 rusty hehe, its been a lot of time. Fun map :D
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Me too PM, me too! He was so cocky and overbearing. Still think the reference is appropriate for a speed run challenge though

Still improvable by quite a bit
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i hated that guy
right at the moment when macro/Raif/Eddy submit their runs over NReality... :(
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Small innov
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Laying the foundations off the most solid route. ;)
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You guys have 48 hours, after that - quickest run posted within the two days gets the ded.