Two circles 2

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Author panstromek
Tags author:panstromek circles fun gold medium unrated
Created 2013-11-11
Last Modified 2013-11-11
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Map Data

Description New map. Enjoy. I spent lot of time on tiles.


btw. I started to use some new possibilities like diagonal one-ways or new things with doors, but these things works only in v2.0 (or not? I don't know, converter doesn't support them), so I can't post these maps there.

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P.S.: Speedrun

And I recommend you to you to play it before posting smart comments. It is possible and very easy, this was first try.
Demo Data
the exit key is pretty impossible to get, 'coz of the two mines. It is really easily to stand between them in v2.0 but not in v1.4.
Map seems good, but I recommend playesting it youself, before posting...



I've been trying so hard to complete this level but always failed because of my inexperience on playing the game lol. Fantastic level, i love your circle levels, and I hope you make more of them!! :D