29-0 Revival in the Genesis Stage

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 29-0 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes freedom series unrated
Created 2013-11-12
Last Modified 2013-12-15
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Description NOTE!

I'm back!
Its been soooooo long since i last made a map. For those of you who don't know or don't care, my school laptop broke some time ago and towards the end of September my home laptop did the same thing. Though my home laptop is over 4 years old so it didn't surprise me. Anyway, my school laptop is now fixed and im back into mapping. Hopefully i can get my home laptop fixed before i have to hand this back in to the school. Anyway, please enjoy this map, it's not too difficult (Im still a bit rusty due to not mapping in nearly 2 months. Sorry for the long ass description and not being active in eons. See you guys later, stay fresh party people.

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Oh yeah!

Forgot to say this, but "Welcome back!"

lol its fine

and I get it, I think you mean a "full" map instead of "blank" :P


This was fun! I liked the hidden ways and I want to know how do you do so good maps without N-Reality! 5/5
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sub-700 possible? idk
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My home computer doesn´t work but I can use school laptop (for now). =)
will come afterwards to play this map..

glad ur back

I played a bit of this map, its ok, but I don't get why you have to load a blank map first.

Hope to see you start to map more again

oi R3D

Nice to see you back!
It's okay with collabs and stuff, you can submit whatever you have (I feel awkward not remembering how our collab looked like. Working on 40column hard, you see..)
Anyways, post it as you see it most convenient to yourself, I'll be happy either way.
Oh and I hope your laptop gets okay.


Decent mostly. Would have loved to see more action along the outside.
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