29-1 High Stakes

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 29-1 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes freedom series unrated
Created 2013-11-17
Last Modified 2013-12-15
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Not gonna lie, this was one of the most challenging maps i've ever made. It wasn't so much the thwumps that were hard, but i was constantly trying to place enemies in but none of them seemed to work. When the enemies weren't there i thought the map felt bit dull. I finally decided to leave it with just thwumps and mines and i think it feels alright like that. Anyway, enjoy the map, its a puzzle-ish jumper map. have fun!

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most of the members are afk from NUMA anyway

This Rocks


Yeah, in fact Session Three was originally intended to be a NReality 5x5 session, but I saw that I had still inspiration and ideas enough to make again a normal 3x3 one. So, I think next session, will be the NReality 5x5 one, and I guess too that will be longer, 100 maps it is not enough for 5x5 NReality stuff... :P I have tons of possibilities under that format... :P

Thank you!!!

Thanks, r3d_n1nj4!

It means a lot to me! :)

I guess,

I should continue my episodes as zoasBE (UAP) any time soon, but for the moment you're quite right, I'm going to finish the current Session Three as VODKA and also posting some concept maps with the23 from time to time. I hope you play some of them as well I hope you continue mapping as great man!
i guess i will leave it. its better with more options. good runs guys. also good luck in the exams mohit.
Achieved by manipulating the timing of the leftmost thwump pair:
Demo Data
Demo below shows a third way which is very reliable.

Demo Data

also, it will be a ded to all my dear friends here at NUMA including you!! :)
the route cannot be accessed by anyone that easily...

I have half-made half-dozen CTRs, Laser DDAs and stuff, but lost interest making them. Plus, my exams are starting from 22nd Nov. I will definitely sub a cool DDA after 28th, which will surely get nominated for 2013 Dronies. :)

hey btw

are you gonna start mapping again? your DDAs are pretty awesome!


well then...i feel like shit.
good innovation though, not sure if i should fix that shortcut or not.


those boxes look like chatboxes in comics? don't they? :P
nice map, btw.
Also, this is one my personal favourite run..
Demo Data


heres a route if you get stuck
Demo Data