A Laser DDA initiative

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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune dda incomplete laser rated
Created 2013-11-19
Last Modified 2013-11-21
by 14 people.
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Description This is a laser DDA map I started months ago. Couldn't continue it much. It was inspired from Clifty's Firecracker [].
Anyone is free to continue the DDA, but be sure to give me credits. :)

P.S. also, I wanted to grab a cool map ID. :D

Edit: link to Wizard2's DDA (finished version of this map): fire and brimstone []

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I was just checking out your favorites list...
I'm impressed. =D
I was actually thinking about waiting until December, when it was appropriate. :/
I've just been very busy.
Wait until January. Then go to the form:

Enter that code and your profile name, and then you can fill out the form. The code helps me to verify that you're the one filling it out, since only you know what the word is. Does that make sense?

Now I checked this,

Really nice DDA, close calls are superbly achieved.
Is nice to see how lasers works, and the little shooting interval between them make it very intense and cool to see, and I guess that also challenging to create. Well done! It's really cool the start, the first time you see it, it seems that the Ninja is going to die, and finally he escapes. And here's your favorite rate, obviously.


yeah nice DDA

those lasers were pretty itence. glad to see your uploading DDAs again


I've never seen a laser DDA before. Looks like a Mission Impossible scene. Freefalling parts are amazing.

looks very nice, would use it but I am working on something else..
Last was 230500. This is 231231!


I might add on.

I'm at phone in the office, sir!
I'll check this for sure when I get home!!! It's nice to see a map from you in the Hot Page. :)


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