River Rhyne

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 bestof1211 playable rated
Created 2013-11-26
Last Modified 2015-05-16
by 15 people.
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all you have to do is to make the ninja do a tight I will continue..thanks for the help..
Map Data!! []

yeah well

you stink
all 32 minutes of it

zoa!sBE Style!!!
Have to complete before 31st Dec.
It is meant for both the Wintercon and Dronies'13..... :P


these are exclamation marks, in case you don't know. reply to previous comment asap..
could you help me turn the two rockets and the imprisoned ninja along the small turn? the ninja needs to be in between the rockets all the time..
good luck
map data []
cool style. here is my edit, still kinda looks like it needs something but here you go, feel free to add/change/remove anything
but heres a tileset i made.
you can edit the door placement if you want

I'm pretty sure I didn't touch that mine...
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Jesus christ.

Mohit, I've noticed a lot of your comments regard snipers and sniping and whatnot. I know NUMA should have evolved past sniping already, but it is a bit annoying when the issue is constantly brought up. :/


Hey, I like to screw around with one-ways, too! []

Just some thing I made that I'm not submitting to NUMA (lord knows it would make a crappy 100th map...)


could've been slightly more refined.

Many thanks, guys!

You're all awesome. <3
One-ways are so much fun to (ab)use. 5/5


I really like screwing around with oneways. Here's a speedrun.
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haha. Is that sarcasm zoas? or praise? I'm so confused haha.

Map wasn't bad, intriguing to play. Not sure if it's especially fun, but it feels a lot fresher than many other maps, which makes up for it a fair bit.
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No worries!

None at all.

* 5-tiles = E-tiles and tiles in general.


I was just trying to be affectionate with you, and somehow, praising your good work on this map. I'm sorry if you've misunderstood it. It was also a bit something like an analogy to that old conversation we had already more than a year ago on IRC, that we talked about the number of objects used in our respective maps. And friend, I never saw the term 'gimmick' as something negative, if not the opposite, as something interesting. And I think the way to cross the one-ways, cheating them with the 5-tiles here and there to collect gold while dodging those mines is frankly
gimmick, getting into those small spaces with gold and then back out, with ingenious and interesting ways, and the map is based purely on this. And I must say that I like and is a good concept and work. Excuse me if you misinterpreted my comment, I was just trying applaud your work in a different way.


I agree that I don't use one-ways often.

I prefer making making maps that do not use the core enemies such as drones or turrets, but this does not exclude thwumps and floorguards. They have much more of shine to me if they're inventive and creative. Not sure if I would call this map gimmicky, though.


I can not believe this!
trance's using gimmick mechanics, tricky concepts, placing so many one-ways, so many mines, and taking objects increased over 100% in what his mapping standards are. Woah, I can't believe this!!!

btw, take some more for your collection from here: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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