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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 29-4 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes freedom rated series
Created 2013-12-03
Last Modified 2013-12-03
by 5 people.
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Well, the 20's column has come to an end, thank Christ. It wasn't my intention to take a year to make this column, Most of the time i got lazy, had no ideas or my internet got capped. Hopefully my 30's column wont take as long and will be more refined.

Anyway, this is just a quick and simple map i whipped up a couple weeks ago then edited it a bit today. Have fun and remember to always eat breakfast.

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thanks man for those comments!
I'm especially grateful for checking the 700th map :)
yeah, it was a shame of snipe-down. still, you found it! really cool of you, Red!
and you know what, I actually thought of asking you for a collab today, so if you're up, let's collab!
Clean, neat and still challenging.
Keep it up bro! I expect great things in 30's Column from you!
Take this 5 as encouragement!

route 2 speedrun:

nice simple map!!
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route 1 speedrun:

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and an AGD for you

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