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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 playable unrated
Created 2013-12-09
Last Modified 2013-12-09
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but i hear you man. been prepping a team for the battle maison and it's taking ages.


lol 2.0 []

lol []
But very interesting map none the less. I am having a hard time with most of the jumps, but over all its great, a little frustrating though.



if it is getting too difficult, then I would change the path...


I'll tell you the idea behind the rocket room if you do not catch its purpose.

Didn't see your run, by the way. You know that I like try out maps myself.

I'll give a shot to this tomorrow, really late for me now.

From the thumbnail, and in a first insight, looks really conceptual, art'ish, and some of the jumps seems tricky and challenging, which I like. Also I like the way you placed the mines, one next to the other, and the golds. Also I can see some really interesting and conceptual bits like the rockets room and the floorguards corridor. Cool.


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