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Whoa! 5aved!

Thanks for dedicating this awesomeness to me (and other cool guys!) I try to get back to NUMA this year. Let's see how much time do I have.


Im posting this because its the early map i can use. It will take me years to post maps.


I just wonder how tremendous effort you put into your DDAs!

Next time, why don't you try a DDA with nreality object mods? That will be cool, too!

this should be featured

Well sup dude

And fucking amazing DDA man, instant 5ave from me and quite possibly dronie nom

Very entertaining DDA; well done sir.
My internet is capped. This map is a christmas miracle! And by that I mean it is FUCKING BRILLIANT! I especially loved the bounce block part on the right side. Agree with Nexx. Also, thanks for the ded, really appreciate it! If this doesn't place in the wintercon I am gonna lose my shit


Excellent, Exquisite, etc. :)

And thanks for the ded, means a lot



Amazing Amazing Map! I really loved it! You did excellent in this creation. I really can't see it being beaten!
Five stars.

Also, the white mines only add to the aesthetic quality of the theme. Nice touch!

I loved how the rocket behind the ninja catches up as the DDA progresses. That's something I could not achieve when I made Fissure a while back. However, this is a fantastic successor and I greatly enjoyed it.

Thanks for the ded!

And wow, this is one of the best DDAs ever! 5/5 and definitely a Dronie nom.


Awesome DDA, Mohit! You really should get rewarded for this.
And a special thanks for ded, it's really nice :)

I have no words, Sir Mohit.


Holy shit!

Dronie nom for sure! Fantastic DDA, mohit! :D
5aved to hell!