Revival For Reality

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Author IodineEnvy
Tags author:iodineenvy ie rated rfr
Created 2013-12-19
Last Modified 2013-12-19
by 6 people.
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Description Competition!!
1. There will be two catagories, all gold, and speed-run
2. Over the course of ten maps (a week per round) points will be awarded to the top 5. Decreasing from 5 points to first place, to 1 point for the fifth place.
3. To reiterate you have 1 week from submission date to submit your run to Nreality. No FBF runs will be accepted.
4. Have fun and race on.

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last try...

I hope to win
Demo Data

1 frame faster..

I guess day after tomorro is closing date..
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Demo Data


Demo Data
Improved my time to beat jasdanu...
Demo Data
but in my opinion 1 week is hella long. Numa is like dead right now.


but still slow. just gotta time the bbtj better
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and my average

Demo Data
my route also
Demo Data

A bit quicker
Demo Data

Here is my speed run.
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Of course I won't submit my runs to nreality, but here is my speed-run for you guys.
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