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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny rated wintercon wowlsudnymadeamap
Created 2013-12-24
Last Modified 2013-12-24
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description - knock knock!
- who's there?
- mary!
- mary who?
- merry christmas!

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This is a beautiful beautiful map.

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I misread your comment. I'll have something sooner. lol

ooooooo! Have fun!

I'll send you some map data on Sunday!

oh my god

you and I need to make a map one of these days

Hey you!

Make a map and revitalize hotel NUMA a bit please.

Someone new

by the way what do you think of the map? I appreciate all types of feedback

Thanks! Glad to be back, I want to make a map but I'm too lazy and trying to find a job haha. Happy belated birthday btw :)

it's actually kinda

funny to visit your account and see that my maps at the very bottom take the whole space :D
thank you, man.
It seems that you have been on 495 maps for the past 4 maps you have made.



<Pixelwiz> Screw the christmas theme, I'm a hobbit.
*Pixelwiz is now known as Pixelwise_Gamgee


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Really nice and simple. just an awesome map and welcome back!

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Just came along to whomp on Mohit
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Slow AGD.

4.0, very nice. Good call using only the bottom half of the map, because this didn't need to be any larger.
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Demo Data

lol, nice joke.. :D

close to sub-400 speedrun
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all gold:
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