Code Red [NReality]

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Author Nexx
Tags author:nexx lasers nreality objectmod puzzle unrated
Created 2013-12-29
Last Modified 2013-12-30
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I've made the lasers fire for longer, which creates interesting and dynamic puzzle possibilities. I rather like the result. :D

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crappy ending... but whatever :D
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But I tried that cheat again and it's fairly easy to pull off, and putting that corner back in completely prevents it. And yeah, I wish the fast but broken demos could be deleted.
Not to mention that I can't submit any more demos to NReality now. You've made me sad, sir knight.

Ugh, fine

I don't like cheatability. Edited that one specific corner back in, breaking more demos. ;____;

Here's a new completion:
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I tried out that cheat, but decided if anyone could pull it off, they had earned it.
I don't see any faster routes. agd.
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It broke my earlier demos, maybe Sunset's also. New completion below:

Also, there's a 1219-frame AGD on NReality. ;)
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really neat stuff
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But it's an awesome concept. 5/5
...just play around with the timing of your lures. You'll figure it out.

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Barebones solution

This is probably what your first completion demo looks like.
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