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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 minejumper playable rated
Created 2014-01-03
Last Modified 2014-01-03
by 7 people.
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Excellent map with beautiful aesthetics
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Death demo.

Died on like, the first mine >.<
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sorry for the wait

try that on for size. sorted out the route.


I also really love the exit position :D
I love the tiles you added and the overall style of the map. So do you think this is finished? If so we'll have to think of a name. Also you can post the map if you like. I have already made 32-4 and 33-0 of my Freedom pack. though if you don't want to post it I will just later after I post 32-4 and 33-0. Good working with you, twas fun!:D

Hey, I´m fine thanks, yeah I kinda have not been on mIRC for a while.. Been working on a cool map.. How are you doing dude?

:P []

Yeah, when I post a map it will no longer be 1211 sadly D:


Sub-550 AGD
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Bit Sloppy

But sub-600 AGD
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Is my route a cheat?

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Here are some tiles I've been tinkering with, if you wanna play around with them

That was intended.

Not a cheat at all.


nice minejumper anyways...
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Number two, yes on the collabing.

I'll be around (possibly on IRC???) in a couple of hours. If that doesn't work, I'm sure we can figure something out.


Not sure if this is a cheat, but i found a short-cut.
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Short and sweet. AGD is especially challenging for the maps size. I really liked this.

Also, just wondering how the collab is coming along
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Good map, though. 3.5
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The beginning part of the minejumper shouldn't be to hard.
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