Into the Labyrinth

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Author maxson924
Tags action author:maxson924 dead-can-dance into-the-labyrinth itl rated
Created 2014-01-05
Last Modified 2014-01-05
by 6 people.
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sub-3000 is is possible.
took me close to 5 years. xD
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it's been a long time. email me at to get in touch
and I must say, very good work. I loved the diversity of the maps, and especially enjoyed the simple/minimalistic ones too. If you do go one to make a second Chord mapack, I would love to playtest it.

Got your message

Sorry for lateness, haven't been online in a while. Map-pack looks nice, i'll download it and play it.

The area above the exit switch fills me with rage. Besides that, it's solidly built! 4.0


alrighty then.

yo maxson!

got your message, and I want to say I'm in. Really nice to see someone still making mappacks, so I thought why not.
I have just one question - is there a theme to Chord.? just curious :D
I bet sub-3000 is possible, but not by much.
fantastic I must say

Fun Minejumper

I managed to get the door key but died on my way back. What I love about this map is that the gold is there for more than just highscore quality, it's there because you need it. Well, unless you're a speed demon like Mohit. Had fun jumps and cool tiles too.


5aved the map!
'coz it is awesome!!
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Close second is How Fortunate the Man With None.


The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove


Easily the longest map I've ever made.
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