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Author IodineEnvy
Tags author:iodineenvy awful ie meh unrated
Created 2014-01-08
Last Modified 2014-01-08
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Description Says it all.

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That's nice of you to say. I think you're a good mapper too! I've always liked your style. Anyway, good finishing touches. I say it's done. I moved one bounceblock slightly: link []. If you're done with it, do you want to post it or shall I?
I don't really know what I'm doing, so if you have something in mind, feel free to add it. :)

Yeah so

I think this is pretty much done. I just added some flourishes. I don't want to make it hectic. I'm trying to keep it like a natural formation that the ninja came upon and decided to scour for gold. Kind of like your this [] but harder and in a rocket/bounceblock style. But I haven't made an action map in years and my tastes have changed since then anyway, so... yeah. That circle on the right seems empty but I feel like nothing fits well.

link []


Do you mind if I post my first review a little early, say on Saturday at around 10 am PST? I think I'm gonna shoot for 3 reviews during my week, so I'd like to give each as much time as possible.


nice map!!
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