17-3: New Year, New Maps

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Author macrohenry
Tags 2014 action author:macrohenry medium-hard-ish rockets series unrated
Created 2014-01-13
Last Modified 2014-01-13
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Back from holiday, late happy new year to all of you!

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Hello macro!

I really want to thank you again for playing some of my maps days ago and playtesting those couple of VODKA maps. I replied to you on every map you played last time from mine (216584 - 216603 - 216723 - 217544 - 217616) and the two vodkas (231813 - 231814). Again, thank you so much! Seriously, you're an awesome and lovely Ninja!!! o_O

On the other hand, can you playtest for me another little VODKA map? Is challenging to me agd it, I managed to jump a single time off of the right one-way, but died in the mines, I think it's possible, but I did not repeated it. I'm pretty sure you can do it easily. And if it is not much trouble for you, you can write a little sentence about it as the last time. ;) Thank you in advance. btw, the title for that map is 'VORTEX', enjoy!

I'll get there (#n-highscores) right now.
I hope no costumers disturb me this time... :P

I'm so sorry macro,

I apologize, I was at work and a customer came unexpectedly and I had to leave the office. I'm using the phone to write now. :(

I'm there right now, in #n-highscores or #mirage (Reddy possibly connect to this last one as well). Just hit me with a comment when you get there. ;)

you have the chance to go to IRC now or soon now?


There were other categories like 'mapper', 'concept', 'puzzle' or even 'review'... :(

Oh yeah!

Sure. I'll nom you in three categories, 1st in player, 3rd in mapper, and a couple of NUMA's runs of you which I really love. I hope you voted for me in something, although I think you didn't do.. :P
and happy New Year bro!

a frame slower

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Pretty good map. The biggest flaw is the first rocket; gathering the gold is a very awkward experience because of the uneven ground, and the rocket tends to be too unforgiving. The right side was very good though, and the map looks great.

(A small pet peeve of mine is that the left rocket itself (not the launcher, but the actual missile) goes under the bounceblocks instead of over. That's just personal preference and I won't change my rating based on it, but aaaaagh)

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A few frames are left.
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Demo Data