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Author maxson924
Tags action author:maxson924 portico-quartet ruins unrated
Created 2014-01-14
Last Modified 2014-01-14
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yes, but

doesn't tempus now have full access to the site?
I don't think I would have ever made it to 100 maps, but that doesn't matter anymore. Thanks so much for the feature -- I can now say that my map making career has come to a conclusive end.

AGD. Stunning map.
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also, what's going on with nreality? It seems to be a bit buggy for me

lol fail ending

I agree, I did come back a few times since I left but I never could stay or post something, I guess people just aren't willing to put up much content.
I don't think I will buy a pc just to post maps again but I think I'll be playing a little bit :)
Nice map btw, I seemed to have had a minor stroke at the end and couldn't jump properly haha
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yeah! I suddenly got the urge to make a map, but can't do it on a mac so I just played instead
Both of my last two maps are linear, and my AGDs total over 10000 frames. For two maps!

Glad you liked it. :3


Lovely. Solid thwumps and the collenting was a blast. My only complaint was the linearity, but that's more of a personal preference. Faved!
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