Swear or Square

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Author IodineEnvy
Tags author:iodineenvy ie-collab unrated
Created 2014-01-28
Last Modified 2014-01-28
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Map Data

Description Collab with red ninja.
Great collab partner.

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fastest AGD :)

quite fun, I enjoyed it. Not sure what you guys are on about about the start, being able to jump or run right away without having to wait to fall is great.
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maxed maybe?

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Had fun making this with you! Sorry for my long delay though. Heres an AGD. I really liked the gold in this.
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yeah, that start is really annoying, I'm not sure if you did that on purpose or you forgot to reset after reloading in nEditor.
Agd is awkward to maneuver through but maybe a more skilled player can breeze through it
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my only issue is that it starts on the tile in stead of above it. I'll play it more thoroughly when I get back, but here's a speedrun, I'm not sure how much faster is possible but I don't feel like I maxed it
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