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Author Fujita_Seiko
Tags action author:fujita_seiko unrated
Created 2014-01-29
Last Modified 2014-01-29
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Map Data

Description Mate and first published in Nv2.

Loading time may be little long. (not in Nv2)

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O oke, tnxs zoasBe, I was wondering why the thumbnail staid this way.
I can understand that the loading time can be irritating. But i'm sorry, I don't feel like changing everything before posting here. I could leave a link here to the Nv2 version, where the loading time is much faster. But I don't now if it will be appreciated. I have the feeling that a lot of Numa user don't really like the Nv2, is that right?

Well tnxs for your comment zoasBe :)

For reference, Fujita, as Iodine said, thumbnails won't never change with any possible edits you do in any map, they will always remain with the preview of the original map without later editions, is one of the known bugs of NUMA.



By the way, seeying your other comment on his other map today, it seems that you think that this map is bad (you said that the other one is more passable with respect to this one or something) and I want to say that this map is really good, and works really fine. The challenge with the three thwumps is well done, and getting different areas using and avoiding them (he uses the same thwumps here as both ways enemies and help, and that's something remarkable) was interesting and really fun. You should try it, works really fine.

I think,

he is fully cognizant of that, Rose. He's no a noob, and he should not be treated as such. He has many great maps and ideas at Nv2.0, and frankly many of them are die right impressie and very innovative concepts. Concerning the mines here, I find them really interesting, the loading time is not that long actually, and to me looks cool, really Fujita's style (he has many maps using mines just like this, grounds full of mines, and maps playing around that concept at Nv2) so, well done.

Welcome to numa!

For the record, any long loading times would be fixed with fewer mines. You can space them out one tile apart and they'll still kill the player if they go to the edge.

I couldn't be bothered to edit the whole map (it's A LOT of mines), but check this [] out. You can space mines like that around the whole perimeter and get the same effect with a lot faster loading time. And it looks better too!

yes like i sad, the thumbnail is still wrong, but if you load the level it will change, it does by me with n1.4 at least.

The thumbnail won't change.

It works

Well, the thumbnail is still wrong, the Zap drones supose to be a Thwump. :p


I Tested It in N1.4. Works perfectly. I uploaded it...error.

What am I suppose to do?