Lost File 34: Space Laser Is Up and Running

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Author maxson924
Tags action author:maxson924 lostfile sliuar space-laser-is-up-and-running unrated
Created 2014-02-06
Last Modified 2014-02-06
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Description Since I haven't mapped lately, I figured I'd submit another of these.

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and rank them with a rating out of 5. When you're done send me the results on the forums. Let me know which of the contests, or both, you'lll judge.

btw mlp is stupid

Oopsy doodles < plagiarism proooooof. I can give you the legacy map pack if you like. I accidentaly posted comments to armaghans maps by accident cause I'm drunnnk

fastest agd

Clean map. Fun
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this is fun.
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you just got

your favorite thing



Laser was perfectly placed. I liked that the gameplay didnt feel rushed, and that you could go at your own pace. (unless you wanted to get a speedrun)
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Laser was used well and the floorguards were a neat obstacle.

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Immaculate! Just like your recent output. Faved!
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nice tiles!
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