34-0 Random Access Memories

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 34-0 4 author:r3d_n1nj4 freedom rated series
Created 2014-02-07
Last Modified 2014-02-07
by 8 people.
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I made this map as a homage to Daft Punk for winning a Grammy for their album, Random Access Memories. I'd also like to dedicate this map to deep_blue for being a cool dude, helping me out, doing collabs with me and also for helping me steal secret documents from the pentagon, really meas a lot! :D
Anyway, enjoy this mini challenge, and in the mean time i'll be working on my 200th map! See you soon!

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Fun map :D
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Don't intend to either, can't be bothered quite frankly :P
Maybe one day.. Maybe..

Screw you, karmap0lice.
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To many questions

I don't remember when I was made.

By the way nice map. Simple and elegant.

294 agd :)
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It's not that I can't playtest them, it's literally impossible, the data it gives me wont work on the original N and when I playtest in the shitty Nv2, the guy disapears when I try to playtest then erases my map data... plus the frame rate is so shitty in Nv2 and there are so many bugs too :/


what an old map of mine have you found :D
Okay, I'll see what I can do, after I get my sleep.

In My Opinion

Old Daft Punk>New Daft Punk.
Nice map!

Didn't like the tiles I sent you, eh?

Thanks for playing a few of my maps :) I appreciate that :D
I am trying out a few maps but I can't build maps on a mac so I have to use nv2, which is god damn awful!
Also, can't playtest anything so not sure how good it is haha. They really need to update nv2 to the original nEditor
Daft Punk are sick. Glad you liked the ded, you truly deserved it especially after helping me break into the pentagon and steal their shit, that plastic explosive sure did the trick.
Daft Punk, so making a map with Daft Punk that is a ded to me is god-like gift.
otherwise, thanks, man! I'm happy :D
and the letters here look so daft-punk-ish and your-style-esque, it's just so awesome.
and the simplistic build of the map is a nice touch as well!
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294 is really tough...
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I love maps with this style, thanks for the comment!

haha I was wrong, wonder how much faster is possible
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nice map! I miss this style a lot :)
I'm pretty sure this is maxed cause I got a death demo of 295, but I feel like I'm wrong
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Hope you enjoy!
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