Stepping stones

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Author player_03
Tags action author:player_03 playable unrated
Created 2014-02-09
Last Modified 2014-02-09
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Description Looking through my old rejected maps, I found one that wasn't completely terrible.

Protip: If you want to feel good about your mapping ability, don't look through your oldest maps.

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Nice run!

Some clever walljumping going on there.
better path
Demo Data
i also like that the ninja bursts after level completion.. :D
Demo Data
Go through all those old and rookie early maps and take all of them and make something decent and really good now, with maturity acquired, the style and skills you have now. Sure you will get very interesting things, the essence of the first ideas and illusions mixed with the experience and mapping maturity. Try it. It is really cool. I did it on some occasions with really old and unpublished maps, and I got interesting, cool, and worthy of being published things out there. And above all, with a strange and particular essence due mixing those periods. ;)