Precision Olympics 4

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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 kra krarace playable race unrated
Created 2014-02-12
Last Modified 2014-02-14
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Map Data

Description The fourth map in the "Precision Olympics" [] series, now with 50% less precision, 90% fewer mines, and Infinity% more KRA.

My initial design was too long and too hard [], which is why I never submitted it. This version ends after the rocket chase, but I left the rest as bonus content or something.

(Ultra secret hint: try playing in debug mode.)

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Unused space?

I think you mean "space used for the all gold route."

Now with 75% less of the exit hidden in the wall!

The funny thing is

That I actually like the delisted version better. But I'm a weirdo so I'm probably wrong. Enjoyed it. 3.75/5. All the unused space bothered me.
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and you are retaking some of those old maps and tweaking and presenting them now. Very interesting.
Keep it up!


Demo data glitched. Use this instead.
Demo Data

Intended path AGD

Watch in debug mode.
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As long as everyone's sequence breaking, I might as well move one of the mines by one pixel. I assume you know which mine I'm talking about.


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Demo Data