My Avatar(Tile Set Version)

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Author fusion
Tags author:fusion n-art rated
Created 2005-12-28
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description This is my Gamecube Avatar with a tile set. It was a pain to place the mines so PLEASE vote, comment, and, of course, Enjoy.

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i hope your saying that cuz the current harddrive ones overheat...
in case you dont know, theres even a class action lawsuit against guarantees on that one, i heard it from a friend, but hes probly right, hes usually pretty trustworthy...

Xbox 360

Im getting one once another with the hard drive comes out.

there u go

i gave a 5 to nearly all the maps on the newest page just cause i feel generous.. hope u feel the same with my maps

Link -

It looks great!

I just wish you had centered it at the middle of the screen instead of the bottom.


Do people always have to point that out! Of course it looks good in thumbnail, they all look good in thumbnail! So all people who see this! Shut up! We know! Sorry for being harsh there, some one had to say it.


although it doesnt look that good when it isn't a thumbnail...

No objects

If you want me to take out objects ill do that.


It looks awsome! Wow, did'nt think it would look this good.