34-1 Discovery [feat. trance]

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 34-1 4 author:r3d_n1nj4 freedom rated series trancecollab
Created 2014-02-23
Last Modified 2015-02-03
by 6 people.
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Here is my 200th map!
Sorry for the delay, I was busy trying to infiltrate the NSA. Coincidentally, I ran into trance while I was there, so we decided to make a collab!
Also, I think this is a good time to announce that episode 34 will be the LAST episode of Freedom ever!.......
...on this account. After 34-4 I'll be moving to my new account where I will post the rest of Freedom.
So anyway, please enjoy this 200th map special by both myself, and trance.

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Cool map

I like the atmosphere, and I really like that exit switch area. :D


Fun map you've got here, though all-gold is too much for my rusty rusty skills right now. Very purty, too.

I'm been hella busy this year, so I'm not exactly back, per se... but if you felt like doing a slow-paced collab, I certainly wouldn't be opposed! It'd be nice to start mapping a bit again.

Thanks Macro

left on it
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Oh wow.

Now looking at the speedrun demos posted, I wasn't expecting that move macro and Mohit made. The demo below was the route I expected to be followed, but still, nice one guys. :)
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Yeah kinda

I mostly called it that because you explore the map and discover new routes. Plus I liked the name too.

Thanks guys

Was waiting for someone to find that secret door.
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Btw, this map looks awesome! :D
Demo Data

congrats on 200!

nice achievement :D
I might give you a note to collab on 800th for me, okay?
btw, I wonder what is your new account will be called :)

close to max

I kept wondering what the hell was that black lining on that wall.. :D
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I found a secret door. :D
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thanks Mohit!

Nice demo!


congratzz on 200!! :)
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