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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune boring dda kradda unrated
Created 2014-03-22
Last Modified 2014-03-23
Map Data

Description As the title suggests, this DDA is very hopeless. Made this map years ago. It is not at all exciting, not enough close-calls; on top that it even uses launch-pads. I have nothing much to submit right now, but soon I will submit a better DDA than this.
I don't want my rating graph to go down so Ratings disabled!

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I don't know how back I am. I can make levels somehow but the playing out of school computer is pain. (My computer support shittily the Flash...)

re: 151-0

not sure why it doesn't apply to fool's gold. it doesn't always work... there were a string of posts about it on the forums... but i don't know where exactly...

thanks mate!

it's actually just afternoon here lol

re: 151-0 sr

the jump is what takes the extra frame off. The jumping to save frames had been known about, but most people just assumed (incorrectly), that it wasn't applicable in that level, (since it was only a single jump), until vankusss proved those people wrong in 2012.
Unfortunately I couldn't find any downloads for them.

Columns 100 and 110 are both by blue_tetris and are respectively here: []

and here: []

And the rest are by The Legacy team: []

And you can download the maps here: []

my name is Jacques Smith, sure you'll find me (Hobbes)

you have

my permission for an addition.

you have

my permission for an addition.

Of course you can!


i hardly ever use it though

looks like aidiera took care of that. as far as arachnid, the only way i know of is to idle on some random freenode channel three years ago. that may still work. info someplace on the forums

and mohit

come over to facebook chat i have to talk the buisiness plz

This is nice...

You kept it exciting despite the small space. Aside from using fewer gold delays and launch pads, could you give any advice on making dda's? I have to say though, the only reason I ended up using so many launch pads was because I had a hard time slowing the ninja down without killing him or losing out on close calls. Do you have any tips you could give me on that too?

taken from the FAQ

"Bitesize - Bitesizing is a special addition to NUMA in that it sets some maps apart from others in one way or another. In essence, a Bitesized map should implement an idea or concept in a brand new or interesting way. Gameplay of a Bitesized map is also of exceptional quality, though this isn't always the case because people have different tastes in maps."

it's like featured maps, only it's its predecessor in a way
chart that Arachnid programmed, so I don't have access to it. Sorry!



It looks like Legacy didn't survive the few forum domain changes we had so I'm looking to upload the userlevels.txt now


With reference to your question on about doubles off the corner of bounce blocks.

Just as you can do double and triple jumps off the top of a BB and double, triple, and quadruple jumps of the side, there are two types of ticks you can do that are a combination of the two.

You can double and triple jump off the "corner" of a BBs. These aren't really corner jumps so they are a bit misnamed. What they really are is 1 or 2 jump off the top of the BB, respectively, and then as the BB rises next to the ninja another jump off the side of the BB. These will give much more lateral velocity as well as not as much vertical height as their respective counter parts with all jumps off the top of the BB.

See For a double of the corner challenge and for a triple off the corner challenge.

hmm :/

_when_ did you make this?


I had not even heard of bluenin back then.


was this inspired by bluenin?