The Sound that is Dubstep

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Author Drakostax
Tags action author:drakostax ouch sound tileset unrated
Created 2014-04-01
Last Modified 2014-04-01
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Map Data

Description Don't let your ears bleed!

So... I think other than small, quick maps, I'm about done with mapping now. I don't really have the patience to make big maps anymore; they're more tedious than enjoyable to make, and half the time they go unnoticed anyway.

That said, I reallly enjoy making tilesets, like the one in this map. If you think you can do a better job with item placement than I did, feel free to make your own version with the tileset [].

Enjoy, my fellow zombie NUMAns!

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nice map

and nice map ID...
Demo Data

Also, this isn't the return of a bunch'o new maps; just taking a break from school work really :P
No way... :P Hello!