Super Spelunky [The End]

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Author Nexx
Tags author:nexx cave featured floorguards last-map puzzle rated
Created 2014-04-06
Last Modified 2014-04-06
by 15 people.
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Description 9 years ago tomorrow, I submitted my first map [] to NUMA. And today, I'm submitting my last. It's not exactly my magnum opus, but I had fun with it.

It's been a fun ride over these 9 years, and I've enjoyed spending my time here, making and playing maps with you guys. I've seen a lot of cool and innovative stuff, and I don't regret having had this hobby all these years.

The only thing I do regret is that I kept putting off the mapping that I really wanted to do in favor of making some vanilla-ish action map. I kept thinking, "I'll explore those things later." But of course, I didn't explore most of them, and the ones that I DID explore, I really liked, leading me to wonder what on earth made me put them off for so long. That's why most of my recent maps have been puzzles - I always wanted to make a lot more puzzley/innovative maps. I mean, I made a few anyway, but I meant to really explore it and maybe make it part of my style (like, say, Evil_Bob).

So my advice would be to do some soul-searching about what you truly want, and then work towards those things while the getting is good (easier said than done, of course). And that applies to life as well. And for some of us (my past self included), that means not letting N take up quite so much of our time. ;)

Okay, I'm stepping off the soapbox now.

Even though this is my last map, I'm not leaving the community entirely. I still have several more reviews I want to post, so I'll be lurking in the shadows now and then.

But for the most part, this is Nexx, signing off.
Best wishes to you all!

This map was featured on 2019-01-17

Many years ago, Nexx and I were both part of a large community project called "Memoirs of the Ancients", a 500-map pack made by some of NUMA's best, most innovative authors. Nexx was one of the most passionate members of the project, helping everyone become better authors and finding a unique style. The project was never finished. When I replayed this map, it reminded me of the care and thought that was put into this place by Nexx and others. This is the final map from a great author. I hope you enjoy solving it as much as I did. — origami_alligator

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Feature. Always love me some Nexx maps

very strong map

great design! Great guy, Nexx is :)


great feature. playing maps of this quality is inspiring

good feature

Nexx was too powerful for this world

awesome puzzle

Nice feature, I missed this when it came out.
Nexx maps are always a joy.
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you've been inactive for quite a long time and i'm considering removing you from your reviewership position. are you ok with this? i'm cleaning house currently to revitalize the site, so if you want to stay just tell me and i'll leave you be, so long as you're more active


i have no regrets, but can change it if you want

truth be told most close calls were actually pretty lucky, like the rockets they I could control but then there were only a few drones I pointed out directions for..

Please Don't Go! []


you can't leave yet

so don't


I love you.

see you later

no seriously see you later


I'm glad you're deciding to focus on your priorities. I find it sometimes gets very hard to focus on those things that matter, or to even remember what they are. I wish you luck and clarity with this.

Unfortunately I won't play this because, priorities, time-management and whatnot. Heck, I wouldn't even have seen this map, but...

I just sort of accidentally made a map just now >.<
I've always liked you Nexx, if you said something nice about one of my maps then it really made me proud, because you were often hard to please. You've had a good stint, and numa will be a bit sadder for your departure. Have a good life :)

bye nexx!

we will miss you!

always making fantastic maps, too bad you're going man! gl with whatever you're going to do with all your newly acquired free time


I always admired your maps and great deal of detail and effort you put into them. Your comments were always helpful and kind and you will be greatly missed.
But I hope you have a great life, and we will see you Nexx time! :D


Super glad to have had you around, sorry to see you go. Best of luck, and I hope we still see you around!

sad to see you go

you were a great guy, with a great personality, capable of long, detailed constructive comments. I'll certainly miss you. hope to see you every now and then. see ya!

ah man not you

pls don't go ;-;


It's sad to see you go. There have been a lot of farewells lately. I wish you could stay longer. :(
p.s. slow sr
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I bow my head

you've been a solid parameter in the past years of numa, in terms of mapmaking as well as community-wise. you'll leave a big footprint in the walk of N and I'll certainly stop once in a while to have a look at it. cheerio!

Thanks, guys!

I miss the '08-'09 days of NUMA!
Thanks for all the wondrous maps you've made.

sad to see you go.

i've always admired your conduct (general persona, constructive criticism, mapping philosophy, comments on other's maps, etc.) on this site. it was great knowing you. glad you could be a part of the greatness this community once was. adieu!
au revoir nexx

stay classy
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sub 1200 agd

Demo Data

aw man...

For someone who has been here even longer than me, (Nexx initially joined as "theBAMNman" in April 2005, whereas I joined as "Ben_Schultz_11" in September 2005), I wish you all the best.
Never knew where to post it, so here it is now:

Forum thread: One word each [] (it's worth a look if you haven't seen it before)

Once, there was a thread where you
could add a single word onto
whatever else was there before --
one single word and nothing more.

It went some time with nothing wrong,
but got too random after long,
'cuz Suki's GoGurt sexed a Dronie
pony pony pony pony


Yeah, it's definitely similar, but I was playing with my own ideas here, and hopefully that comes through.
So that the tunnel climb is easy:
Demo Data


That last tunnel climb is a total pain, lol.
Demo Data
in more than one way, mind you.