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Author LouDog004
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Created 2014-04-11
Last Modified 2014-04-11
by 5 people.
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Description has this been used effectively in any maps or for highscores? it seems pretty limited in utility.

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Sorry bud.

macrohenry beat you to it.

Solid idea though.


I was sure I'd commented on this the other day. Great concept, nice find!


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I learned a new trick

Hey, nice trick

I think I may have seen something similar to this. Anyway, good map, and good use of that mechanic. Good to have some old users back :D
Here is a demo of me failing miserably at getting an AGD.
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I don't recall it's being used in any Metanet level.

AGD -1

Welcome back to NUMA man ;D
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don't do this

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