wispy shudder

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny baby iamstillalive unrated yeah
Created 2014-04-19
Last Modified 2014-04-19
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Description hello everyone! I made a map out of boredom.

that a fella called 179 playtested. :3

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Inclus (tileset by legendklokpok) by Spartax18 -crazy map! and Spartax put a demo up

PS. See I posted the tower cause those are the only two times I managed to make that kind of rooms filled with technology environments -n is really difficult for that

Here you go :)

I'm not really that happy with it so i'm not going to submit it i'll probably put a bit more effort into one some other time


I hope you have a fun trip through my archive. :D

sorry suds

I shouldn't have been mean. I was getting annoyed with Mr. "please convert this nv2 map by hand."

You are still my favorite polish guy!


Nice to see you around too. :)


Just put it on now

I don't get it?

alas, it's been far too long. i'm not sure i know anything anymore. hell, i don't even know the most current version of N. i mean, i'll try, but no guarantees.

how dare you question if i'm alive!!

im a ghost



For God's sake!

I can not believe that a lsudny map is going to go unattended!
NUMA's definitely dead. :(