MULTI-MAP 2 [N-reality]

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Author Ors_II
Tags author:ors_ii concept n-reality nreality ors unrated
Created 2014-04-20
Last Modified 2014-10-15
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Description When you get a key the level changes! Can you complete all the stages of this map?

Sorry for my long inactivity, My Flash is ****.

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This is incredible!
You've really out done yourself with this one. Very clever!


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NUMA is real dead.. :(
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Hah nice one, I thought about this too, but I see my approach wouldn't have worked had I tried it out, as I was thinking on some kind of scrollable N, generated by superfast tile drones, without taking into account that too fast drones actually skip tiles :/

I see that you and I [] both approached this concept the same way. (A row of tiledrones across the top or bottom moving fast enough to change the tiles quickly without skipping over any accidentally)


This is clever! pretty good execution. sort of like playing a series of retiles. sort of.
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