22-2: Hell

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry drones featured laser medium-hard-ish rated series
Created 2014-05-21
Last Modified 2014-05-21
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description I spent quite some time on refining the gameplay, but I'm still not 100% pleased with the result. But I really like the structure.

This map was featured on 2015-07-22

Everything in this place wants to kill you, but you won’t stay dead for long. The drones, the laser, the mines — they can only make you suffer.

The other demons think you won’t last 20 deaths before giving in to insanity. But I think you’re a persistent little ninja so I’ll give you some incentive. If you can collect all the sulfur in this cave and make it out in one lifetime, I’ll let you rest for a few seconds.

Oh, and you have to do it faster than anyone else has ever done. This is hell, after all. — script

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The left side looks beautiful. This has inspired to create me a new map. :D I want to play later this trail. As long as I have this favors.
Thanks, script! :)

I'm so angry right now.
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This is an idea mainly.

I like it!

Edits will be coming later on.
My jaw dropped. o_o

Fantastic run!


I'll get to it when I can. :)

first try demo

wow! what a great map. it is very rare to see such attention to detail. plus, it's been a long time since i've seen a laser used that well!

great job man! 5.

thanks for that comment, by the way, means a lot.
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Very well structured and those drones were well timed.
I've needed my fix of macro maps for a while.
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map hell :) heh. I see the 'fork' shape where the exit is tho
Holy crap, I was not expecting the close call on the oneway!
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effective drone placement.
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AGD. I do like the structure of the map, feels clean and had some interesting structure. Didn't have much new and was more linear than it looked like, but still gameplay feels refined with drone timing, laser and mine placement, and is fun to play.
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it's interesting, I've been working with kind of similar tiles the last couple weeks, but in the context of jumpers instead of action maps


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